About Us

We currently operate with the largest pool of available bricklayers, stone masons, marble masons, cement masons, tile setters, tile helpers, terrazzo & mosaic workers, plasterers and pointers/cleaners/caulkers. Our skilled bricklayers & craftworkers have the knowledge and ability required to perform work on any size project from residential to commercial and industrial. Having the skilled and productive bricklayers & craftworkers available for our partner contractors makes our relationship second to none in the masonry industry.

The West Virginia masonry industry plays an important part of the comprehensive building market and is comprised of three elements: Materials, systems, manufacturers and distributors; contractors who manage or install the masonry materials and systems; and the bricklayers, craftworkers and all other workers needed to install the materials and systems.

On the manufacturing side, West Virginia is composed of small firms - it does not have any big manufacturing corporations who dominate the industry or markets. On the masonry contractor side - the BAC District Council of West Virginia - partners with masonry contractors of all sizes, to complete projects from residential to commercial and industrial. The largest and most visible organization in the West Virginia masonry industry is the BAC District Council of West Virginia.